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Associated with NPTA ( Nepal Physical Training Association ) and situated in Koteshwor, Kathmandu, Loyal Gurkha intakes candidates from all across Nepal and trains them with best coaches and equipments available.

Established in 2016 more than 50 candidates have been selected as a Gurkha soldier worldwide from Loyal Gurkha.

We provide pre-Army training for British Gurkha Army, Indian Gorkha Army, Singapore Police Force, Nepali Army and Nepal Police Force.


Trainees Says

What our students feel about us.

“Loyal Gurkha has a huge variety of equipment. I know I'll never get bored and can train all day long if I wanted to. The tutors answers any questions I've had, no matter how clueless! This is a great training centre and I'm happy to be a part of it.“

Kapil RaiTrainee

“ I always dreamt of joining the army. Just because I am a girl is not stopping my dreams and Loyal Gurkha Training Centre is helping me achieve it. ”

Rita Shrestha Trainee

“ Joined Loyal Gurkha Training Centre for my dream to join Singapore Police Force. It is giving me what I need and now I feel positive about my dreams. Will be doing my physical evaluation soon. ”

Raju Rokka Trainee

“With proper training and immensive help from my tutors I am a British Gurkha Army today.I owe it all to Loyal Gurkha”

Mahesh Pandey British Gurkha Army

“In my opinion there's not much more you could ask for from a training centre. Experienced tutors, good facilities, clean hostels, appropriate hours and classes.”

Ganesh Mekhu RaiTrainee
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